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About Novanta90

About Novanta

The village

The location straddles a line somewhere between farm and resort, having both relaxing and hardy elements. As such, sneakers or hiking boots are strongly recommended. There are beautiful hiking trails and a river to swim in for those interested. There is also a pool, furnished with lounge chairs, which boasts a view of the valley for those more intent on relaxing.



Due to the secluded nature of the venue we have arranged to accommodate all guests at the village. On the website (link below) you will find more information about the types of rooms available. As we are filling the venue to capacity we need to ensure that every bed is accounted for. If you have a room preference please let us know when you RSVP and we’ll do our best to factor it in to the planning.

Photos courtesy of Novanta90 & Silvia Martini

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